The Practice Of Quantitative Medicine

The study of high energy physics has been compared to finding out how a watch works by throwing it against the wall to examine its parts. If you think about high energy colliders like CERN- the organization’s name is now used for the accelerator itself- that is pretty much how high energy physics is performed: accelerate sub-atomic particles to barely sub-lightspeed and then watch and measure the debris when that accelerated particle smashes into some other particle. While this is not very elegant it has proven to be a very useful way to understand sub-atomic physics. I would have you note this process followed a broader theoretical model  previously proposed by everyone from Ernest Rutherford to Niels Bohr. Those early men engaging in atom smashing had a picture in their head; the picture was refined by subsequent ‘watch smashings’ and the enhanced picture led to even more fruitful ‘watch smashings.’ Continue reading The Practice Of Quantitative Medicine

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The Mystery Of The Will: Clan, Tribe and Hope

While this blog is largely philosophical it touches on the essence of how to live long and well.

The agency of the will is what makes us sick or well. The argument between the role of biological determinism- hormones made me do it- and free will- If I can do it then something is wrong with those who can’t- is played out in my office almost every day. Continue reading The Mystery Of The Will: Clan, Tribe and Hope

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Get Well With Aristotle!

Against the backdrop of genetics and environmental hazards like infections and toxins, we become ill as a function of our character.

Before you leap to a valid logical criticism of my claim-essentially that we are sick through our own fault- let me assure you that many of the most tragic illnesses are certainly not the fault of  the patient: childhood cancers and the sequellae of infections like meningitis come to mind. Continue reading Get Well With Aristotle!

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Some Fun Facts

The existence of the Ether was crisply disproven by the Michaelson-Morley experiment. Now there are many other cool things it did not dispositively disprove like super-strings, so science fiction lives on.

One of the nearly equally spooky properties of the world is the piezoelectric force. When you squeeze or deform certain things they manifest an electromagnetic force field. How cool is that? Continue reading Some Fun Facts

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“To Every Thing There Is A Season”

Probably most of us know the title phrase from The Byrds’ cover of the Pete Seeger song usually referred to as “Turn, Turn, Turn.”

Well at least the older of us  know it thus; older still, know this from Ecclesiastes. Those who are Bible literate of any age will recognize the phrase. “…A time to kill, and a time to heal…” Continue reading “To Every Thing There Is A Season”

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