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Is My Practice A Fit For Your Health Needs?

Full health has many of the qualities of an egg. Like an egg, it can be robust yet, when broken, it is hard, if not impossible, to repair.

There is an old business saying (B.C. Forbes): “If you don’t drive your business, you will be driven out of business.”

By analogy, let me say: “If you don’t drive your health, you will be driven out of health.” Put another way your health will be broken much like a broken egg. And, as with “All The King’s Horses” it will be difficult, if not impossible, to put it back together.

So don’t let it become broken. As a businessman knows that he must measure the metrics of his business to insure survival and growth, anyone interested in maintaining or improving their health must measure the metrics of health. You must constantly adjust your behavior to maintain the dynamic balance of health, the integrity of that egg.

Health is a global entity. It is an interconnected, intricate web of variables that are interdependent. Heart disease does not occur in isolation. Low bone mineral density is telling you other things are out of balance as well.

You might wonder why I belabor the image of the wholeness of an egg and the analogy of business.

The conventional practice of medicine completely misses the dynamic, interconnected quality of health and sees people’s health as a linear string of possible but not interdependent values. High or low cholesterol? Normal or abnormal glucose? Good kidneys or bad? High or low testosterone?

This blindness to interconnectedness – why you need to measure and continually monitor everything – is why the typical practice of medicine does not see the cracks in the egg’s shell until it is completely broken.

The premise of my practice is much like the ancient Greek aphorism: “Know Thyself.”

Together we will measure a vast array of health markers you may not even know exist: your phase angle, your inflammatory state, many cancer and tumor markers, coronary artery calcium status, a full array of hormones and their interconnectedness. Together we will set about finding and fixing, or forecasting and forestalling any and all health issues.

I know how to keep your ‘egg’ whole and in many cases, even how to put it back together again.

My work is not inexpensive; your health, however, is priceless.

Smile, Have Fun, God Speed,

Dr. Mike Nichols

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