My medical practice is based around data. The acquisition, precision, and predictive power of medical or biological data drives this practice. Surely, you interject, this is the foundation of everyone’s medical practice? Oddly this is not so. Limiting tests and limiting therapeutic options has become the primary goal of medical education, the practice of medicine, the intention of health insurance companies and all government mandated approaches to the practice of medicine.

With newer technologies, everything from genetic mapping to application of newer MRI techniques like Functional MRI and MRI Spectroscopy, the potential generation of information exceeds the broadly based ‘social application’ of such information. In other words understanding and correctly applying the information from new technologies exceeds the epidemiology of known benefit of the broad application of information derived from such technologies. Too much information can be a bad thing; or at least the indiscriminate use of information can lead to bad things.

If you are willing to take responsibility for your health, willing to become an involved partner with technology, hard work and Mike Nichols, MD, as allies, my practice is for you.

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