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Read this excerpt from my book, “The Art and Science of Training For Health”. It sets the stage for understanding medical literature in general and shapes how you should think about your own medication decisions. This simple ‘housekeeping’ chapter lays out some important concepts.


Heart Rate Based Training

A very practical article on this important subject. If you are not training this way you are either wasting your time or risking damage to your health.

Training While Injured or Ill 

If you train, or even just live, long enough you will experience illness and injury. Properly understood the principles of training in these conditions can help or hurt your recovery.

Heart Rate Variability

One of your most important training and health goals is Heart Rate Variability. Unfortunately most training styles make this important heart risk marker worse. Worse, not better, worse!

Vytorin/Zetia, B-9 & Cancer

Some thoughts on medications and supplements. Ignore at your own risk. You are very likely taking something that radically increases your chance of cancer and it is there in your vitamin pills.


Biological power determines your life expectancy and the quality and vigor of your years. Train in a way to build your biological power. This is no empty words and hand-waving concept but very real, very important and within your grasp if you understand it.

Training, A Strong, Stable Platform

We all know ‘the core’ is important but it is not measured in crunches and sit ups. Your power, whether to run or pick up the kids, comes from your ‘core.’ Learn more about it.


“Big Pharma” vs. “Health Nuts” Neither Wins!

A Coffee Story

Could be good. Could be bad. Keep your eyes open!

Findings in the Medical Journals

You might be surprised!

Cardiorespiratory Fitness as a Quantitative Predictor of All-Cause Mortality

Marathoners need not apply.

The Industrialization of Medicine

Who needs a doctor when you have a ‘wall chart at Walmart.?’

Headlines That Confuse and Medical Trials That Prove Nothing

The Male ‘curse’: the prostate and what to do about it.

Disaster Preparedness

A little scary but still about health

Paleo this Cro-Magnon that

The Big Picture and How to Understand “The Body Always Makes Sense”

There Are Two Paths: Drugs or No Drugs

A Tough Decision, Might As Well Face It

Can I Do This On My Own?

Yes, But It Is Not Easy

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