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To see lectures on important health principles go here:

Use the username: up.down
Password: up

Note the ‘dot’ between up and down. Once there go to tasks and click on Video and then Web and then follow directions. The training videos are not as helpful as the lectures; especially the one on Mitochondria.

The patient results are from a real patient. The reason his pseudonym is Up And Down is his inconsistent application of principles. You will need to navigate around but when you see his graphs under endocrinology and then expand them to the full number of years you will see how dynamic testosterone and other hormones can be and more importantly how much control over them you in fact have; or at least once you understand the underlying dynamics. Insulin up then testosterone down; pure diet. Cortisol up then testosterone and IGF-1 down; pure sleep and stress related. Even with his inconsistent application his trends were almost all in a better direction.

Under ‘Tasks’ also look at “My Health Dashboard” for another way to look at the concepts underlying When You Are Serious. This is not an actual ‘Dashboard’ but illustrates important principles. Spend some time on his site and you will learn a great deal if nothing other than what you can yet learn about your health.

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