When you are serious about…improving your health. When you are serious about…knowing the actual status of your health.

The practice of medicine is at a very happy crossroads. The standard treatment protocols are so clear that a physician is no longer important to receive ‘the standard of care for the community.’ Cholesterol over 200? Take Lipitor, or one of its cousins. Blood pressure over 140/90 mm/Hg? Take a diuretic, if that fails, take a beta-blocker or ACE inhibitor or ARB. And so on. No doc needed for this as a wall chart with a clearly marked simple branching decision tree is all that is needed. For most people, most of time, for almost all of history this is an improvement over prior standards of medical care as we now have effective medications without as many side effects as some of the older drugs. No doc needed, go to Walmart. In fact for most people just take the drugs your doctor prescribes.

The other road at the crossing is individualized medicine: medical practice informed with subtle diagnostic tools and effective treatment protocols that recruit your body’s own capacity for healing and change. The drawback to this road at the crossing is it requires work on your part and commitment to your health that transcends cutting out McDonald’s.

And thus…when you are serious, Dr. Nichols’ practice is for those who value their own health and know that a duty to others is a duty to self. Value your health! It is your and your family’s greatest asset.

Smile, Have fun, God Speed,

Dr. Mike

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