Fat… out damned fat!

OK, I can’t resist, there bobs another hook I should ignore. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition recently had an article, a meta-analysis, of many large prospective epidemiological trials to see what effect saturated fats have on the incidence of cardiovascular disease. Now, before I go on, keep in mind that since the ’70’s we have been inundated with government mandated labeling laws, shifts in consumer product composition and marketing all aimed at getting the American public to eat not only less fat but specifically les saturated fat. Millions if not billions of public health dollars have been spent to this end. Our entire population has been wheedled, cajoled and threatened with death all to the end of decreasing saturated fat in our diet. In response the public has eaten other, far worse things, to replace the deleted saturated fat. (Vol. 91, No. 3, 535-546, March 2010)

And the winner is… saturated fat has no significant relationship to cardiovascular disease. Well that is not quite true; it might be partially protective against stroke. This kind of unintended consequence of empowering the brilliant to regulate the lives of us mere cattle makes me furious. Cutting out saturated fat from the American diet has cost many, many lives and is one of the principle culprits in the obesity epidemic. By the way there never was credible evidence of harm from saturated fat.

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