While a classically trained physician, Pre-Med U of Chicago, Med School at Loyola U of Chicago, and Residency at Stanford, I was always more, what my dear friend Dave Draper calls with affection, a ‘musclehead.’ The body always made more sense to me than my medical training seemed to recognize.

With that background, suspicion even, I have always been drawn to a view of health and healing as finding the body’s innate pathways to recruit healing. Unfortunately this is not the simple ‘hand waving’ of ‘alternative medicine’ or ‘back to nature’ or even ‘Paleo-training’ it actually requires more scientific methodology rather than less. Understanding and measuring the correct feedback loops and mechanisms of the body is the only sure path to greater strength, speed and, oh by the way, the only path to clearly better health and reversal of diabetes, coronary artery disease and high blood pressure; just to start.

Ready to Train!

Everyone knows to ‘eat right and exercise’ few realize how much is packed into this old phrase, the depth its placid surface conceals,  which is why most people either give up or fail to achieve the hoped for benefits.

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