Yes, you can and, again, supplements are not the answer.

The body always makes sense. Keep that in mind, roll it around, see if you can apply to seeming conundrums and paradoxes in your day.

In the case of most people most of the time Osteoporosis is a wonderful illustration of how ‘the body always makes sense.’ You sit down all day, barely move or only the computer mouse or perhaps the vacuum cleaner hose. You eat bad food, sleep poorly or even too much; think about it your body rightly concludes you have no need for those heavy, clumsy, dense bones. Or you jog; well heavy bones aren’t going to make that any easier are they?

Of course when you fall it doesn’t make sense because then the bones break but their adaptive change makes sense 99.99% of the time.

The real tragedy of osteoporosis is the decline in quality of life; not just the fracture that doesn’t heal but the curve that evolves in your spine that limits your lung capacity and contributes to an unstable gait that leads to that final fatal fall and hip fracture at 72 rather than 90. Big difference.

To develop strong bones you must demand strong bones. The body understands logic. “Gee, this person is lifting heavy things, and running up stairs and jumping over boxes, even if only 3″ high, I better make some strong bones.” Feed them well, not ‘calcium, phosphorus, Vitamin D, and zinc’ either but foods rich in these things and foods designed to make strong bodies.

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