Anabolic, Catabolic

A Time For Every Purpose Under Heaven

The body has an astonishing capacity to tear itself down and rebuild itself. One year from now well over 99% of every molecule in your body have been replaced, modified or eliminated. Let’s make the┬áreplacement ones all shiny, spiffy, slick and new.

When I use the word ‘anabolic’ most people, if they think of anything at all, think: Bodybuilder! They start salivating and read on or turn up their nose and start reading Vanity Fair.

Well ‘anabolic’ and ‘anabolism’ are important to all of us; especially that frail little old lady with Diabetes. Building muscle, ligament and bone is her best both offense and defense against diabetes. So let’s give this anabolic stuff a little respect because eating, sleeping, exercising and relaxing in ways that stimulate anabolic activity in the body is the only way to be, get or stay healthy.

Well, with one proviso: you have to cut down, slow down the ‘catabolic’ activity of the body too.

One makes new stuff, that would be ‘anabolic’, and one tears down old stuff, that would be ‘catabolic.’

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