Hang Nail Or Death: Your Trip To The Doctor

You can either use your physician for hang nails and heart attacks or to add decades of life, health and vigor to your future.

Frankly most people use their doc in the first way; they show up for colds, wrist fractures, maybe for a colonoscopy but they don’t see their physician as an important ally in longevity. Frankly most physicians don’t see themselves in this latter way either.

The problem is the docs have a corner on all of the cool gadgets, tools and tests so you have to work with them. Blood tests, bone mineral density tests, stress echocardiograms; yep, all doc goodies. And you need them. Hmmm…help your doc be your best ally in your health. He or she doesn’t know how, it is not their fault because no one taught them, so you will have to.

Example: cholesterol is one of the weaker heart disease risk factors and about the only one your doc knows how to measure or treat. But your insulin level is more powerful as a risk predictor. Your LDL particle size is more powerful. Your homocysteine level is more powerful, your hs-CRP, A1c, iron storage disease, Celiac disease; the list is long of things more powerful as predictors of heart disease than cholesterol; and most docs only measure one. Help him measure more.

Be implaccable; find the things that need fixing and then relentlessly, Frankenstein like- one foot in front of the other- fix them. Now if only a few docs know of the tests to perform even fewer know how to fix them when found. Believe it or not Lipitor is not the answer to every question.  But for now we will start with the model of detection and treatment; the skeleton. I will get into more detail as you have absorbed this outline:

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