So I Got To Thinking

As you will have guessed by now I am an advocate of objective measurement of health parameters as the only reliable way to get and stay healthy. It doesn’t always work but it is the only consistent methodology.

You can get out your Excel program and generate your own graphing tool and do this yourself. Many of my patients are engineers and do this all of the time. You first have to believe you can do it and why you would do it and then you are over half way there.

But, as I said, I got to thinking. Maybe you could use my graphing program, written specifically by Kumar and myself, for health data. Hmmmm…now how would that work?

Let me give you and example:

Here is a snapshot of a page from my diet panel for a 42 year old male well on his way to curing his diabetes. From January ’09 to July ’09; just a snapshot. Some of the stuff that got better and one, CRP, that got worse. This illustrates why you track more than just one number as they do not always move in concert in the right way and catching such ‘wrong-way’ drifts is part of why you graph an array. Well, here it is:

Here is the idea: you would get some blood work using a lab that I already have an electronic/medically secure connection with and thus your tests would show up in my database and then my graphing environment. I would give you a quarter to half page interpretation and the best time to do your retest for the interval experiment we are trying. I suggest that you use one of my panels like Basic Diet Panel, Basic Exercise Panel, Advanced Cardiovascular Panel, Stress Panel and so on. You would have a username and password to your own secure data and panels. I’ve had many, many requests from people from many parts of the world to have me be their doctor for the full analysis and interpretation and prescriptive changes that mark my practice; the full process is too expensive for most people and I cannot take that many additional people into my full-time practice. However, by this route, I can introduce more people to the process and, tired but useful word, empower them to do this for themselves. I want you healthy.

What do you think? You would be responsible for all lab costs, I can make recommendations here but will not get into billing issues with the lab. My set up fee would be around $150 using answers from a questionnaire, and $25 per month per panel. I think you should plan on being in my database environment and coached for about a year; maybe less and maybe more until you learn how your own metabolism moves and changes with each experimental change in diet, exercise and behavior. I will give you monthly feedback, you will need to provide a brief narrative of changes in sleep, alcohol, food intake and frequency, exercise and so on. You will need to do monthly blood tests for most markers, more frequent for some and less frequent for others if you do more than one panel. The usual disclaimers apply: This is not intended to diagnose or treat any disease. It is simply a tool I want to put into your hands.

Mind, I am just thinking about this. I haven’t committed to doing this and have not fully thought through cost, my time etc. However I have worked with hundreds of people using my full set of analytical tools and done this kind of analysis thousands of times and know it can change a person’s health dramatically. I may also offer heart rate profile analysis as well; there are several very neat ways to share heart rate profile data for this purpose.

Feedback please.

Thank you and God Speed,

Dr. Mike

PS The graph shown is ‘in house’ and not on the secure server but exactly representative. The graphs are distorted on this blog site.

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