Bones And Heart Get Measurably Younger

So here is how it goes: a ‘point’ becomes a ‘string’ becomes a ‘plane’ becomes a ‘solid’ becomes ‘a solid in time.’ There you have it: String Theory. The theory of everything. 0+1+2+3+4 = 10 dimensional enfolded matrix algebra.

Old school: time introduces entropy. Things fall apart.

New school: chaos allows for lacunae, temporary exemptions from entropy. Thus we can allow, for example, wealth creation out of nothing; heck that’s nothing we can allow for evolution; complex things arising from simple things. That is, anti-entropic things in space-time. You don’t have to get old. Well, sort of.

I want to give you a concrete example. A 55 year old man; lived his life as he chose, ate pretty much what his intellect and his appetites thought were good, in other words not a horrible diet, and showed up for testing. He had an abnormal Echo-cardiogram; it showed areas of the heart that did not move right. They were sluggish and he was not. This is often from areas not getting a good enough blood supply to support the heart working normally. Well his HDL was low and his HDL 2b, the really, really good stuff, was very, very low. His triglycerides were high. Heck he had reason to have a sick heart. A Bad Echo is a Bad Thing.

He played volleyball, tennis, smiled a lot and had borderline osteoporosis. Weak bones. Turns out he had a strong will though.

I told him to change everything; he did. Strict for a year and then off on his own but mostly followed the protocols.

Recent retesting, he is 58 now so time still works, but aging doesn’t. His heart on new imaging, this time we threw in a nuclear stress test, showed a heart with no areas of ‘hypokinesis’, sluggish movement, and his bones are now 15% stronger than they were 3 almost 4 years ago rather than the more than 10% worse had he gone about his life as he was living it. Oh, that and he didn’t have that heart attack he was busily working on.

Now I could rehearse his triglycerides, HDL 2b and the like, they got better, but I won’t because large slow to change, deeply seated biological clock issues got better. He got younger. His heart worked better, his bones became more dense.  Now if he had followed protocol the full 4 years things would have been even better, his testosterone would have been greater for example, bones better and so on. Still, not bad; younger in meaningful ways.

Now, you young bucks, don’t think this matters to you? It’s never too early not be a fool!

Smile, Have Fun, God Speed,

Dr. Mike

PS I’ve attached the copy of his bone mineral density test. This is a 3-dimensional quantified computed tomogram rather than the usual DEXA scan; for the kind of interval testing I do this is far more reliable. Note the variance across the various lumber levels. This was there before as he does have some areas of sclerosis due to mild/moderate osteoarthritis. But even this is better this time than last.

PPS I’ve had people increase their bone density as much as, well this seems incredible, as much as 50% in one year.

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