A Short Note On Quinoa. Is Your Estrogen Level Higher Than Your Wife’s?

People are always looking for a loophole in my general injunction to avoid grains; keep in mind this is not a universal injunction but a fairly general one.  I am frequently asked whether quinoa is such a loophole.

Here are the estradiol/estrogen graphs of 2 men who added quinoa to their diet. Note that these are two year graphs so the estradiol variance is not mere chance.

I cannot say that every time a man adds quinoa to his diet this will happen but to me it is an interesting and alarming development.

Remember that my patients understand the need for tight control on behavior for the data to have value so we are pretty sure the only difference between 2 years of stable estradiol and the peaks, and in the other case a post quinoa elimination data point as well, is the addition of quinoa to their diet.

Smile, Have Fun, God Speed,

Dr. Mike


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