Treat High Blood Pressure Get Cancer

Alright I promise I will avoid making this too boringly technical; I admit I love doing this. Someone recently gave me a book to read with the observation that “This book is boring, it made me think of you, I know you will like it!” Well do they know me or what?

OK, Lancet Oncology from June 2010, bottom-line: taking common blood pressure medications from the classes ARB’s and ACE’s were shown to cause an increase in cancer. Taken together increased the risk. From other writings on this site you will remember NNH; number needed to harm. The best case, it is probably worse than this for reasons¬†I won’t rehearse, the best case is one additional fatal cancer for every 143 people treated for 4 years. Now depending how you slice the numbers this is as good or bad as the number of people saved from strokes and heart attacks. Overall I would rather wake up dead from a stroke than waste away from some unexpected cancer but you don’t get to choose.¬†

But that is not the end of the story; anyone can figure out drugs cause harm and can also be of enormous help. That part is easy. The hard part is actually imparting enough information, motivation, and guidance to help us avoid the drugs and do the right things well enough to not need them to begin with. I need your help to do this last hard thing.

By addressing everything from relationships, inner structure of personalities, food sourcing, precise metabolic and physiological markers, and the integration of all that and precise, intense physical work, quaintly called ‘working out’, I have seen lives changed, years added, will and joy rediscovered; all but rebirth. I’ve also seem people struggle to get out of their own way; you’ve met them. Heck, I’ve seen him in my own bathroom mirror.

Where am I going with this? Soy, no soy, cinnamon buns, no cinnamon buns, get up, stay down; it all matters and we need examples, heroes, companions and a different world, no this world in a better way. We need help. I know so much technical stuff all of which is part, and here is the lesson, it is an essential part, not the whole but an essential part, so much technical stuff that is a necessary part of the solution. Get the data, measure that resting heart rate, lower that fasting insulin, change the quality and depth of sleep, increase your peak heart rate potential, smaller waist, bigger chest, lean more when you run, raise your knees, grunt and strain…or take an ARB, or an ACE and get cancer or take a beta blocker and get diabetes and loss of sexual capacity. Help me guys! Change the world.

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